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Enhanced Message Display Unit

Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc.
Press Release

Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc. announces the release of the AT209E Message Display Center


at209 message centerGREAT NECK, NY- On January 30, 2013 Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc. announced its new AT209E Message Display Unit. The capabilities of the new AT209E include:

  • Display status of 256 Digital Messages using parallel or serial trigger
  • Display status of two Analog Input channels; fully configurable for scale and accuracy
  • Measures temperature with its bulit-in sensor and displays in any format; Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin
  • 120VAC, 230VAC, 10VAC to 30 VAC, 12VDC to 30 VDC Power options
  • Fully configurable with its windows based software
  • Interface to all popular PLC
  • 20 characters vacuum fluorescent display visible in sun light
  • Modular Display Board; Improved mounting enabling wider viewing angle.
  • Thicker PCB

The AT209E is fully compatible with the AT209CE; therefore existing clients can continue to use ABT's Windows based configuration program while benefiting from the additional features.

List price for the AT209E is $795 for quantities smaller than ten.

For further information and customized orders please contact:

Dana Rothschild, Marketing Manager

Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc.

175 East Shore Road

Great Neck, New York 11023


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