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ABT and BP Gulf of Mexico Pilot

Dynamic Duo Combine To work on Revolutionary Tracking Process for the Gulf of Mexico

ABT and one of BP's Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Production Drilling and Completions team partner on logistics management pilot program

Mobile Bar Code -Based Solution Put Through Its Paces For Key Role In

Fiscally-Fit Logistics Management Strategy

FRONTLINE SOLUTIONS EXPO, CHICAGO, IL - Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc. (ABT) announced the multi-phase implementation of its Logistics Management Suite within the scope of a pilot program for one of BP's Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Production Unit's Drilling and Completions Team.

With each deepwater project having an average daily operating cost of $500K, any delay in equipment delivery can result in substantial added costs to operations. After an analysis of potential bottlenecks, the Team determined an improved equipment tracking system could lead to significant cost savings.

The Team and ABT began their collaboration earlier this year with the goal of making real-time equipment and supply data available to BP personnel and specific vendors from any site, offshore or on. To accomplish this task, the criteria decided upon were the ability to determine equipment provider, location, availability, rental charges, repair history, maintenance schedule, tracking history, and dimensional data. Also, automatic email alerts to designated personnel can be generated as a result of a preassigned event trigger related to any of the criteria.

The ABT approach provides a two-tier system where equipment, material and inventory information is stored in a central database as well as PocketPC-based handheld devices. PocketPC, as opposed to Palm OS, was chosen as the operating system for the handheld devices based upon its ease of interface with Windows applications.

ABT completed a Proof of Concept to improve the process of scheduling availability and equipment accountability. To accomplish this ABT deployed a unique application of its Logistics Management inventory control module complete with bar codes and mobile features. Items in transit are scanned at various points en route to delivery using a hand-held PocketPC equipped with a barcode scanner. Current information about each item's location and status is updated into the database using a proprietary synchronization process, AbtSync. Radio frequency capability is to be implemented for land-based operations. Using these processes, the potential exists for BP personnel anywhere in the world to locate any item in the database via a secure company intranet site using a standard Web browser to determine its status and availability.

This feature of the ABT Logistics Management solution will enhance the Team's ability to determine the availability and reliability of equipment. The expanded program is also slated to enable BP's vendors and third-party logistics providers to share up-to-the-minute information about materials and equipment. This is accomplished by incorporating a common-format barcode technology into vendor management processes and transmitting the information via XML, a standard technology for sharing information on the Web.

Advanced Barcode Technology (ABT) offers enterprise-class resource and supply chain management solutions that enhance business productivity, management control, and the availability of business-critical information for a highly competitive marketplace. Headquartered in Great Neck, New York, ABT delivers unsurpassed service, innovative solutions, and a dedication to harnessing technology to meet real business needs. Visit ABT on the Web at

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