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ABT SCHOOLWISE Suite Delivers Automated

Delivers Automated Authentication And Identity Verification For The Educational Environment

Melds Innovative Bar Code, Database, and Radio Frequency Technologies

To Protect People And Resources In Schools In A Mobile Milieu

FRONTLINE SOLUTIONS EXPO, CHICAGO, IL - Advanced Barcode Technology, Inc. (ABT) announced the immediate availability of SchoolWise Suite, an automatic identification solution that brings unparalleled security to the educational environment with real-time, automated authentication and verification capabilities.

SCHOOLWISE protects both people and resources in schools, administrative offices, and equipment warehouses, while freeing up staff from the tedious and error-prone manual security checks that are essential in a security-sensitive environment. SCHOOLWISE addresses all aspects of identity verification for educational organizations, incorporating features from ABT's industry leading TIME AND ATTENDANCE TA-2000, INVENTORY CONTROL IC-2000, ASSET MANAGEMENT AM-2000, and its premiere mobile authentication management suite, PRIDE-2000.

According to Charles Bibas, ABT president and CEO, the Suite will deliver unprecedented accuracy and flexibility to securing our nation's most precious resources: our children and our way of life. "In designing SchoolWise, ABT has provided our schools with the same innovative technology that protects our mission-critical business resources," Bibas remarked. "We are confident that this technology will complement the dedicated service of educators across the US in creating a safe and secure environment in which our children can learn."

Using state-of-the-art bar code and database technologies, SCHOOLWISE provides an accurate, cost-effective means for verifying authorization for access to school facilities and monitoring attendance compliance. As students and staff enter and leave school events and buildings, bar codes embedded in personal identification cards are scanned by radio frequency-equipped bar code readers, which then reference personal identification information and even photographs from a central database accessible only to authorized personnel. A customizable report facility enables administrative personnel to review attendance and take a proactive approach to human resource management.

SCHOOLWISE also enables schools to dramatically reduce the high costs associated with equipment loss and misappropriation. Bar codes are printed on school inventory and assets, and a secure, centralized database stores descriptive, historical, and photographic information about each bar-coded entity. Using the SCHOOLWISE application software and radio frequency devices that scan equipment on shelves and in transit, inventory is rapidly and accurately verified, and items in transit are tracked as they are moved from point to point. Authorized personnel can access critical information via the Web or a Windows interface and on desktop and hand-held (PDA) devices. The SCHOOLWISE customizable reports enable educational personnel to more efficiently manage inventory requirements and distribution logistics by providing an accurate picture of inventory and asset status.

SCHOOLWISE's bar code-based technology provides a durable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to magnetic strips. The ABT solution suite requires minimal additional equipment and little training and can be deployed without the services of third-party consultants or systems integrators.

Advanced Barcode Technology (ABT) offers enterprise-class resource and supply chain management solutions that enhance business productivity, management control, and the availability of business-critical information for a highly competitive marketplace. Headquartered in Great Neck, New York, ABT delivers unsurpassed service, innovative solutions, and a dedication to harnessing technology to meet real business needs. Visit ABT on the Web at

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